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Teambild Sweden, runned by photographers Tony Welam, Kristofer Sandberg, Micke Fransson and Åke Karlsson, is Swedens largest photoagency for motorsport photos, here you can find races, drivers and cars from early 1960’s until todays races. We also have a large archive of different photos as cycleraces, feature images from Sweden and round the world, swedish artists and many other motives. We also run Lantbruksbild.se, a photoagnecy specialized in photos of agriculture.

We are also available for photo assignments, we have offices in Motala and Munkfors in Sweden and Paris in France, please contact us!

You can either buy single photos or buy a subscription from us. It’s possible to buy a single photo for instant download, you find the options linked to every photo but the best way and will give you the best possible price is to make a deal with us. Please contact us and we will work out a deal the fits you and your buisness best.


Micke Fransson
Granitvägen 111
591 53 Motala
+46-76 825 77 60

Åke Karlsson
Johannesbergsgatan 9
591 36 Motala
+46-70 872 95 55

Kristofer Sandberg
Paris, France
+33 66 99 22 786

Tony Welam
Bergsgårdsvägen 33
684 32 Munkfors
+46-70 666 02 06

Photos for private use

Many of our photos are available for private use, you find prices and options linked to the photos. It’s possible to pay with Credit Card or direct payment. We use Paypals system for payments.

To buy photos on teambild.se you don’t need to be signed on as a customer, but if you want to buy prints and photos over time it’s a good idea to register as a customer at Teambild. To do so, please click on the link at the right top of the site to register as a customer. If you want to buy digital photos for media use over time or more then one digital photo at once we recommend you to contact us for best price and for subscription options before register as a customer.

All data of you as a customer is strictly
confidential and will NEVER be leaved to any person or company outside Teambild. The data are only saved to be able to handle your orders.


It’s possible to pay with Credit Card, we use Paypal payment system, we don’t handle or save any cardnumbers in our systems. It’s also possible to get invoices for companies. For foreign private customers Paypal payment is the only option.


Editorial use, prices for single buy (these prices are not valid for subscription customers and customers with business agreement):
Editorial web 300,00 SEK
Newspaper & magazine 750,00 SEK
For other editorial and commercial use please contact us.
(for EU-customers, please leave your VAT-number when ordering)

Please contact use for the best solution and price for your company.

Commercial use:
Please contact us for price and
availability for commercial use of the actual image, use the contact option linked to the image.

Prices for private use:
13×18 cm print on photo paper 85,00 SEK
18×24 cm print on photo paper 130,00 SEK
21×30 cm print on photo paper 170,00 SEK
30×45 cm poster on photo paper 375,00 SEK
Prices includes VAT and postage will be added on all prints.

Digital image for web/social media 1024 pixel wide 250,00 SEK (200,00 exkl. VAT)
Digital image highres. 1250,00 SEK (1000,00 exkl. VAT)

Shipping to European Union/Worldwide (estimateted amount)
0-100 gr 40/50 SEK (1-2 copies 13×18 or 18×24 cm)
101-250 gr 75/85 SEK (1-4 copies 21×30 cm)
251-500 gr 120/135 SEK (5-10 copies 21×30 cm)
510 gr- 1 kg 160/180 SEK (1-2 copies 30×45 cm or small Fine Art)
up to 2 kg 300/500 SEK (1-2 big Fine Art copy)
up to 3 kg 500/800 SEK (Special material Fine ART)