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About Teambild

Teambild Sweden

Teambild Sweden are managed by photographers Tony Welam, Kristofer Sandberg, Micke Fransson and Åke Karlsson, is Swedens largest photoagency for motorsport photos, here you can find photos of races, drivers and cars from early 1960's until todays races. We have a large archive of different photos as cycling, feature images from Sweden and round the world, swedish artists and many other motives. We also run, a photoagency specialized in photos of agriculture. We are of course available for photo assignments, we have office in Motala and Munkfors in Sweden and Paris in France, please contact us!


Micke Fransson
photographer in Motala
Granitvägen 111
591 53 Motala
+46 76 825 77 60

Åke Karlsson
photographer in Motala
Johannesbergsgatan 9
591 36 Motala
070 872 95 55

Kristofer Sandberg
photographer in Paris
Paris, France
+33 66 99 22 786

Tony Welam
photographer in Munkfors
Bergsgårdsvägen 33
684 32 Munkfors
+46 70 666 02 06

Please note, ALL photos and layout are subject of copyright, all rights belong to Teambild and the photographers, legal actions will be taken for all unathorized downloading or copying as screenshots without permission.